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Our approach at To Baby and Beyond is to offer empowering courses to enable you to create the life you love, teaching something amazing. Learn flexibly and professionally and join our fantastic family of instructors and professionals. Train in a way that works around your own life but also supports others, making a difference to families all over the world.

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We will help you unlock your inner potential, so you can excel in your professional field.

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Create a life you love

Want an amazing way of working? Do you feel like your work life balance needs to be more flexible? Want to teach something which really makes a difference to families and children? What to learn to teach something amazing which fits around your current commitments?

At To Baby and Beyond we are here to help you. Let us share all our expertise with you. After 26 years of experience in supporting families and training professionals I would love to share that with you. At To Baby and Beyond we have trained over 4000 instructors and would love to welcome you onto our courses. 

Teach something amazing today!

Teach something amazing today

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Meet our instructor of the month, June 2024

Find out how Francesca Speight from Zen Babies built her baby massage, baby yoga and baby reflexology business after training with To Baby and Beyond.  

June 2024

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Supporting and empowering you in your learning

Flexible and accessible 

Our programmes work around your life, family and other commitments. Train at a time you choose, slowing down or picking up  speed when you need to.

Fully tutor supported 

When you join our academy community we will support you. From your designated tutor to our online communities for our instructor training courses. We are here for you. 

Accredited qualifications

When you are qualified you can be confident you will have the correct training and experience for the career you have chosen. For our instructor training to ensure you can gain insurance to practice.

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