Instructor of the Month: Lucy

Jul 9

Congratulations to our Instructor of the Month for July 2024: Lucy. Lucy trained with us in baby massage, baby yoga, toddler yoga, tummy time, Calmer Stories and now runs classes in each of these as well as meditation and chair yoga.

Read on for an insight in to why Lucy became an instructor and what her life as one is like!

We also have a Zoom Q&A session with Lucy taking place soon so watch this space for more details.
Name: Lucy

Lives: Midlands – Atherstone

What do you teach? I teach  baby massage, baby yoga, toddler yoga, tummy time, Calmer Stories , Meditation and Chair Yoga

How long have you been an instructor? I have been an instructor since I was on maternity leave with my eldest daughter in 2019!

What made you want to become an instructor? I’ve always wanted to work for myself, but could never find anything that really suited me. Then while I was on maternity leave I really wanted to experience all the baby groups, but there was nothing local to me. I ended up travelling to a recommendation made by someone I used to work with and we both absolutely loved Baby Massage. We loved the bond it gave us and the time for us the 2 of us without any chores to do!

Have you always been an instructor? I haven’t! My job before my first maternity leave was First Line Support IT in a large company. A very different job and environment!

What’s your favourite part of your job? Getting to meet lots of new parents and watch their children grow up and seeing the effect the sessions can have on both of them.
a photo of a yoga mat with a basket of items used in baby massage such as oil, wipes and a colourful scart. There is also a round plaque which states "my first baby massage"
What qualities do you think are important in an instructor? To be an instructor, I think you need to be an open and honest person and be a good listener. Some parents will want to chat away and others will just want to vent!

What benefits do you derive from teaching? Teaching allows me to be at home for the school runs and be able to look after our 2 daughters. My oldest daughter also comes to work with me during school holidays and absolutely loves it!

Have you learnt anything surprising about baby massage? I was really surprised when I found out the oil we use for baby massage during my teaching. I always assumed it would be a really fancy, posh oil, when actually it’s really simple, and highly effective.

What’s your top tip for other instructors? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something, but also be willing to change things that might not work as you planned.
a photo of a rug with cream candles on it which has baskets around it with baby massage resources in them. In the foreground is a mortar board shaped sign saying "Today I graduated from Mummy and Baby Buddies Baby Massage

Have you had an amusing experience in your work as an instructor? Around 4 years ago, I had a little boy attend a baby massage session with his mum, but it wasn’t her he was interested in. He only had eyes for my massage doll, so much so, his mum had to sit where he could see the doll! He did really enjoy his massage though, as long as he was looking at my demonstration doll!

What are your plans for the future? To grow as my family grows up. I want to expand into new locations and explore more preschool settings with toddler yoga as these are the most fun sessions!

We love hearing from our instructors and how each one is making their classes and their instructor journey their own. Thank you Lucy! We look forward to hearing how you're getting on.

If you'd like to check out Lucy's online presence you can find her business Mummy and Baby Buddies on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

a studio laid out with yoga mats on the floor in a circle. In the centre is a mat with cream candles on it. At the end of each yoga mat is a basket with items in them. Each mat also has a baby massage sign on it. On one mat is a baby massage demo doll.
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