What are the benefits of reflexology for babies?

Jun 25

Whether you're contemplating learning to teach baby and child reflexology or you're a parent who's spotted a local baby reflexology class, you're probably wondering what the benefits are for baby.

Like baby massage or baby yoga, the benefits are varied and plentiful. Naturally not each of the benefits will apply to each child, but if baby enjoys just one of them it will make a class time well spent!
We've put together a list of some of the principal benefits of baby reflexology but you may be - or become - aware of others!

  • Develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure
  • Balances the whole body
  • Can alleviate trapped wind, soothe colic and alleviate constipation
  • May help unblock baby's blocked nose
  • Develops baby's first language of touch
  • Teaches positive, loving touch
  • Develops body, mind, awareness and coordination
  • Helps to regulate and strengthen baby's digestive and respiratory systems and stimulate circulatory and nervous systems
  • Promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes relaxationImproves quality of sleep
  • Strengthens and tones musclesImproves skin conditions
  • Eases teething issues
  • Helps to regulate bodies homeostasis
  • Offers opportunity for socialisation in groups
  • Aids and supports development

A pretty impressive list of benefits, we're sure you'll agree! Learning to teach baby reflexology means you can share these benefits with families in your local community through classes or 1-2-1 sessions.

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